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She was very calm and clear-headed

I recently closed a San Francisco real estate transaction in which Helena Zaludova represented the OTHER side of the deal. She handled all aspects of a very complicated transaction (a purchase and sale of a TIC interest requiring, among other things, a retooling of portions of the building’s TIC agreement to permit fractionalized financing, which the original version put into place years ago did not contemplate) professionally, graciously and highly competently – she was very calm and clear-headed through some “interesting” twists and turns. She pushed us and our agent gently when appropriate, but not in an offensive way. As I wrote to her shortly after the closing, I can not think of higher praise than that given by the other side of a deal. She worked well with our agent and facilitated holding the deal together and bringing it to a closing. I appreciated her services and would gladly work with her (or, more precisely, opposite her) again.

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