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She offers neutral advice and doesn’t push you..

Several years ago I sold my place, moved up to the city and asked around for agent referrals. Some established agents seemed very slick but you know that their staff would be doing most of the work (sorry I’m paying for face time with the primary… not their staff). Other agents seemed distracted and you know that returned calls would not be their priority until you were ready to make an offer. Then there was Helena – the kind of person who takes the time to get to know you and make you feel as though you are their only client. So after interviewing 4 highly qualified individuals, I decided to go with my prior realtor’s recommendation: Helena Zaludova. However after an unsuccessful period of searching for something that just wasn’t out there at the time, I stopped and paused and then decided to start all over again in a completely different direction. During the downtime Helena kept in touch and still provided market information.In this particular sale it was really a great opportunity to see what value an agent can bring to the table when problems arise. Not just simple problems, but complex issues that were out of our control and that could have easily ended the deal. Helena had the contacts, patience and negotiating savvy to see these problems through to resolution. She was also able to keep balance in the discussion between what the seller and me as the buyer, were asking for without compromising her representation of my interests. Keeping the focus on the goal is very important when emotions are swayed by roadblocks. Helena was particularly excellent at that. What I also found admirable is that she acts as your agent – not as your therapist or mother. She offers neutral advice and doesn’t push you in any particular direction just to close the deal. At no time do you feel like there is any pressure which allows you to look and bid on something that suits you and not your realtor. In the business of real estate – the agency is important but most important is the relationship between you and your agent – I trusted that Helena had my best interests in mind and would recommend her to anyone.

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