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Our experience with Jennifer and Helena was nothing short of fantastic.

They were extremely thoughtful about every decision that went into selling our condo and brought a sophisticated strategy that optimized for the best possible outcome. Most importantly, they were kind. I’ve enjoyed every conversation with their team and I walk away from each conversation feeling satised, fully educated, and completely comfortable. Their approach is warm and you can trust that they have your best interest in every decision that is made. I walked into the process feeling overwhelmed by everything that I did not know, but was immediately relieved to be in the hands of true experts who care about their clients. They were never “too busy” nor did I feel like there were ever “more important clients”. I always, always felt like they were there to support me and my family and would drop anything to help. One of the most noticeable benets was their ability to project manage the entire process. I didn’t realize how much work goes into selling a condo (e.g. improvements to the house, vendor selection, contracts, staging, etc) and Jennifer / Helena seamlessly project managed every aspect. I felt like I didn’t have to really lift a nger. Everything was precise, done with attention, and delivered on-time (if not early). We were operating within an extremely tight window, and Jennifer / Helena didn’t miss a beat. I really don’t know how they do it! Overall, I could not recommend Jennifer and Helena more. They were true professionals and an overall pleasure to work with.

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