San Francisco Home Prices, Market Conditions & Trends October 2023

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The fall selling season is in full swing, and I am witnessing deals coming together that seemed impossible just a few short weeks ago. The buyers currently in the market are emboldened, and sellers have adjusted their expectations, creating excellent opportunities for negotiation and successful transactions.

As we move forward, I don’t anticipate a significant surge in inventory between now and February, but there’s still a wide array of options to choose from so if buying a home in SF is on the horizon, this is a good time to strike.

On a lighter note, I find myself pondering whether to wear a Halloween costume this year. I stumbled upon a sparkly cowboy hat in a thrift store this summer that’s tempting to embrace my inner cowboy Barbie but convincing my husband to ‘go Ken’ may prove a challenge. Stay tuned.




Economic indicators have been challenging since the fall selling season began: Interest rates continued to rise through early October and stock markets generally continued to fall from mid- summer, YTD highs.

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