Traffic | Unpacking a 32% Drop in New Listings | SF August Real Estate Update

As the city’s vibrant energy awakes, I am thrilled to present the August edition of our San Francisco Real estate Digest. In the midst of preparing a range of exciting listings across diverse neighborhoods, I’ve enjoyed witnessing the pulse of this city’s recovery firsthand. Navigating the streets, it’s evident that life is returning, heavy car traffic paints a promising picture (even though it’s trying my patience!), restaurants hum with activity, and even the challenge of finding parking takes on a brighter hue. Notably, my clients who own apartment buildings share tales of dwindling vacancies, while open houses I am hosting see a healthy stream of foot traffic. Could these early indicators be harbingers of San Francisco’s resurgence? Join me as we delve into the latest market insights, trends and analyses, helping you stay ahead of this dynamic landscape.

– Helena



Generally speaking, the market slowed in July, a common seasonal trend, and August is usually one of the quietest months of the year though last year, a sudden, but short-lived drop in interest rates kindled buyer demand in August.



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