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I never miss an opportunity to develop a builder’s brand.

My business degree and real estate success make me the optimum partner for a builder/developer who needs a proven co-marketer to promote and sell their offerings.

When I’m on board from the beginning, I can help you with everything from improving space utilization to crafting your buyer profile. Since I know the local market, I can tell you at the outset what will make your property more salable and how to position it against the competition. My creative marketing approach focuses on your brand name and the unique value and quality your building design delivers. I’ll work with you on your logo, floor plans, buyer profile, ad designs and website to make sure every communication underscores your project’s distinctive and appealing characteristics. Then I’ll help you determine a price point that is both competitive and profitable for you.

Right from the start, I look for ways to market today’s project with an eye towards your next project, and the project after that. My goal is not only to sell your property, but to promote your brand and enhance the appeal of all your future offerings. The impact of my comprehensive approach can be seen in the marketing program I created for Nova Designs + Builds and in the reputation that brand enjoys today. At the start of my collaboration with Nova, we heard comments like “Beautiful home — who built it?” Years later, clients still say, “We want a Nova home.”

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