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Amanda Mulholland

I’m proud to say I’m a hustler by nature. When I’m kicked down or told “No,” I use it as fuel to get back on top. I was a child entrepreneur and a Division I college athlete, so I’ve always been very competitive. I’m smart, I’m strategic, and I don’t give up.

My real estate business chops come from years of negotiating and marketing as the owner of a top-ranked exercise studio and the advertising director for movie theaters. My skills as a real estate problem solver have endeared me to clients and agents alike. On both sides of the Golden Gate, I know and get along with all of the players. I know the neighborhoods, the school districts and where to get the best burrito. I’ve gotten top dollar for my sellers, flipped three homes of my own and pushed countless offers through for my clients — even when our price was lower than the competitors’.

I work in San Francisco and live in Marin with my husband and two kids. If, like me, your family wants to relocate to the north or if you’re looking to find that special home in the city, I can help you cross that bridge. I’ll take you from the life that you have to the life that you want.

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